Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Start-Ups Make Huge Contribution to the Economy
Last year saw the highest rate of entrepreneurial activity in the US since 1999: in 2012, 13% of Americans were starting or running their own businesses according to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, an annual report published by Babson College and Baruch College. In American recessions, increasing unemployment is often offset as the ranks of the selfemployed swell. New companies account for 70% of gross job creation and disproportionately contribute to net job creation, according to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity. Women in particular have made up a significant portion of the self-employed in the most recent recession. Since 2006, the number of immigrants starting new businesses has also increased sharply, with the result in 2012 that immigrants are twice as likely as nativeborn Americans to start a new business. So far, funding has matched the pace. Angel investors in particular have grown in number as the technology industry, has continued to grow rapidly with few signs of slowing down. However, more recent data shows the pace of start-up growth might be slowing down. The Kauffman Index reported its annual numbers in April, which showed that fewer Americans actually started a new company in 2012 than in 2011. Though other sources say that entrepreneurs, on average, reported they were starting new companies in 2012 because they saw opportunity rather than had no other job prospects, steady economic improvement is chipping away at the nation’s base of would-be entrepreneurs. In addition, many of the companies that launched since the Great Recession began in 2008 are hiring or creating more jobs in their communities. So whether the rate of America’s entrepreneurial activity is breaking records or leveling off, there’s some good economic news to cap off your Memorial Day weekend. To learn more about NFS Leasing, please visit For inquiries, please call them at 866-970-4637 or send them an email at

Saturday, February 28, 2009

All About Credit Scores


At some point during most peoples' lives there comes a time when borrowing money is the only option. This may be to buy a house, a car, for home improvements or simply to consolidate debts. Persuading financial organizations to lend money, especially large amounts, is easier for some customers than others. Those who find borrowing particularly difficult are people with a bad credit history. Bad credit includes County Court Judgments (CCJS), decrees and past credit history problems. However, not all is lost is for people with bad credit, for they can avail bad credit personal loans. Never hear of it! Do not worry; we will tell all about bad credit personal loans.
A bad credit personal loan is like any other personal loan that one might have availed of in the past. The only difference is that it is for those people who have a bad credit, or in simpler terms, people with a bad ‘credit history'. There are numerous lenders who are ready to give a personal loan if one has a bad credit history. These lenders however, usually require the customer to own their own home as protection or mortgage. Repayments are calculated depending on the amount of money required and the length of time the loan would be required for. For example, the longer the loan is borrowed for the smaller the payments are, but the more interest the customer will pay. It is therefore essential, as the home is used as a guarantee, that the borrower is certain that the repayments can be met before an agreement is made.
Some lenders may consider one's credit rating through agencies before sanctioning a personal loan but that in most cases is a formality. Do not forget that they are there to give loan to people with bad credits only. However, if one has a very bad and unimpressive record in the past, he may be refused but that happens in only exceptional cases and surely, he can get his loan from some other lender. Rate of interests in bad credit personal loans may be high at times because they are being given to someone with a bad credit. That is the only disadvantage of otherwise a life-saving loan for many.
On the whole, bad credit personal loan is a boon in disguise for people with bad credit and may do wonders for them by rejuvenating their businesses or consolidating debts.